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Complete Immersion!

So the goal is to speak only Spanish and Arabic while in Iberia to strengthen both languages! This blog, along with a few books and email correspondence, will be my only links to the English language over the next few months! As such, if you see my grammar and vocabulary gradually deteriorating, now you know why =)

Meanwhile, I’m still in Washington D.C. waiting for my flight to Madrid…airports are odd places, every single one of them looks and feels the exact same. It’s almost as if time stands still here…I can swear the clock has been fixed on 3.00 pm for the past 4 hours! I cannot wait to finally land in Spain in a few hours insha’Allah…keep me in your prayers; you’re all definitely in mine!

P.S. I will probably be completely phoneless for the next few months, so if you feel the need to keep in touch, shoot me an email! Otherwise, come searching for me in the Andalucian countryside or the Galician mountains 😀

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