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Guadix/Wadi Ash

Today I came back from my day trip to Guadix, some 40 kilometers northeast of Granada. As the hometown of the Andalusi philosopher Ibn Tufayl and a significant town during the Nasrid era, I figured it was worth a visit. Although the countryside around it was absolutely stunning and the town itself seemed rather interesting, it was nothing extraordinary. In fact, I was a bit disappointed by several things. Firstly, everything seemed to be closed (especially the cathedral and the Muslim fortress!). Also, the town seemed to be crumbling somehow…maybe because of the financial crisis (?), but it definitely seemed a rather gloomy place. I definitely didn’t regret it when the bus heading back to Granada arrived! OK, I’m being a bit harsh on the town (possibly because I’m blinded by the radiance of the other towns and expected this to be no different)…but you all get the point. If the pictures are any indication, it isn’t bad at all; I think I’m just bitter that I couldn’t enter the cathedral or fortress 🙂







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