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I’ll be heading to Sevilla/Ishbiliyya this weekend God-willing. It was essentially the second-most important city in al-Andalus (some would say THE most important after the decline of Cordoba in the 11th century), with it being one of the most important taifa kingdoms in the 11th century and the Almohad dynasty making it their capital in the twelfth century. It was conquered in 1248 by the Kingdom of Castile-Leon, with the assistance of a military force of 500 knights provided by Muhammad ibn al-Ahmar, the emir of Granada and the founder of the Nasrid dynasty. Yes, extremely ironic. The dynasty which would resist the Christian conquest of al-Andalus for the next 270 years was the very same one which played a (key?) role in the fall of Cordoba and Sevilla to those very forces. The entire population of Seville was evacuated following the city’s conquest and settled in Granada (another irony!), establishing the Albayzin district. The entire episode is one of the odd twists and turns of history. Anyways, the modern city abounds with history from the Spanish Empire, the Renaissance, as well as the Islamic period, which should make this a fun experience! Also, Christopher Columbus is buried there. History aside, I also hear it’s an awesome and fun town with amazing nightlife and lively Flamenco…even more reason to go. Probably will spend the entire weekend there.

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