Morteza Motahhari (d. 1979) on the Values of Humanity

“Why does it happen so often that nations are forged during periods of unjust treatment, deprivation, oppression, aggression, exploitation, and colonialism? It happens so because it is in difficult times, in deprivation, under denial of dignity and inhuman treatment and during endeavor and struggle for liberation from such circumstances that man’s true nature is revealed to him; then he discovers his real identity and realizes the significance of sublime human values. When man stands against tyranny, crime, oppression, unbelief and corruption and is moved to anguish and pain by them, the yearning for justice and truth is awakened in the depths of his being. These are the values that unite and integrate humanity. Man is a being that is a lover of justice, piety, and truth in the depths of his conscious being. This passion has been manifesting and expressing itself in all forms and colors at all points of space and time.”–Morteza Motahhari (1920-1979), excerpted from his introduction to his book Khadamat-e mutaqabil-e Islam wa Iran (published in 1960)


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