Ibn Hazm (d. 1064) on Pseudo-Scholars

“Some people—whose ignorance is overwhelming, whose minds are weak, and whose nature is corrupt—think that they are scholars, but actually they are not. There is no greater harm to the sciences and to true scholars than the harm from such people. This is so because they took a meager part of some of the sciences, missing a much larger portion than what they had grasped. Moreover, their search for knowledge was not the search for the knowledge of God, nor was their aim to escape the darkness of ignorance but to overwhelm people with vanity and admiration, to stir trouble and discord, and to pride themselves arrogantly and vaingloriously that they are scholars when in reality they are not. This path leads nowhere because its pursuers have not achieved the truth and because they have squandered their resources, thereby increasing their wickedness.”–Ibn Hazm (d. 1064), “Maratib al-‘Ulum”


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