Constructing Caliphal Identity in Fatimid North Africa: Taking a Close Look at al-Mahdiyya and al-Mansuriyya

An excellent insight into early Fatimid history.

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The following are my preparations for an assignment in my  Islam in Africa course at DePaul University. I’m giving a presentation in about a week on architecture and meaning in Islamic Africa. I decided to choose, with the help of my friend, who knows far more about this subject than I probably ever will, the topic of two abandoned Fatimid cities in North Africa and how their construction contributed to the way the empire and its leaders thought of themselves for years to come. As part of this assignment, I must also submit a small paper (of about 10 pages or so) and I decided that I would do my research on this blog, writing down anything I can amalgamate into a sizable and coherent blogpost.

The Construction of Fatimid Caliphal Identity: A Comparison between al-Mahdiyya and al-Mansuriyya in the Tenth Century

The Fatimids are most often thought…

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