[Recently published] Azucena Hernández Pérez, “Catálogo razonado de los astrolabios de la España medieval” (2018)

A catalog of the astrolabes created in medieval Spain (including both al-Andalus and the Christian kingdoms) has recently been published by Azucena Hernández Pérez: http://laergastula.com/producto/catalogo-razonado-de-los-astrolabios-de-la-espana-medieval/


This complements the author’s book, published earlier last year (http://laergastula.com/producto/astrolabios-en-al-andalus-y-los-reinos-medievales-hispanos/) that provides a thorough study of the broader artistic, cultural and scientific context in which these astrolabes were produced. This catalog provides a transcription and translation (into Spanish) of the numerous Arabic, Latin and other inscriptions that appear on the astrolabes, and includes valuable information about the individuals who produced each. The inclusion of numerous photographs of the astrolabes adds to the value of the book as an indispensable tool for the researcher.

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